Saturday, 3 January 2009

Social media evolution of new media?

The term social media is widely used today as a standard term, but has is replaced new media as a term or is simply an evolution of the same thing?
  • New media (in contrast to old media such as print, tv, analog radio etc): digital communications and new technology, electronic publishing and online communities and collaboration.
  • Social media: online social communications and interaction / networking, socialisation of information - a shift in how you and I locate information / news, share it and communicate our opinions.
One could argue that these terms are very similar both in essence and how it is perceived in the ever ongoing debate around the web. For me personally social media is the evolution of new media and as a result one doesn't exclude the other. It is equally important to engage in social media as it is actively seeking out information on traditional websites.

I would like to hear your views.